Mother garden 是由日本CREATIVE YOKO(簡稱CY)旗下經營品牌之一。
Mother garden is one of the brands under Creative Yoko.

CY總公司在充滿大自然的日本信州(長野)。 直營店以東京,大阪為中心,在日本全國大約有140家店, 同步在美國,台灣,新加坡,韓國經營國外直營店。 Mother garden是日本樂天市場的人氣商店,全日本共有120多家分店。
The head office is located in Nagano city in Japan. Now there are 140 stores in Japan and also have branches in United Stated, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. Mother garden is the most popular store in Japan Lotte Mart. There are over 120 stores in Japan.


「希望手拿著我們的商品的您也可以感到充滿安心,暖和的心情。 設計這樣的商品也就是我們CREATIVE YOKO的目標。」從設計,企劃,販賣都由本公司一貫控制及營運, 所以可以提供高品質,低價格的精品品牌。 「Mother garden」 「Pet Paradise」 「Sirotan Town」。
Mother garden為了迎合不同年龄和類型的客人,把產品主要分為4 個系列,木製玩具系列、USAMOMO兔兔系列、SIROTAN小海豹系列和夢幻家具系列。
The goal of Creative Yoko is to create the products that can make people feel peace and warm. For offering a boutique brand of high quality and acceptable price, we control and operate from design, producing, marketing to sales. Here are our own brands “Mother garden” Pet Paradise” “Sirotan Town”
We divide the products into 4 series for different demand- wooden toy, USAMOMO rabbit series, SIROTAN seal series and dream furniture.

無毒 安全 認證 心安成長每一天

Mother garden認為,大自然給人類最真誠的回饋與擁抱,就是透過陽光、空氣、水、土壤而孕育出最自然的物品—木頭,同時也是對孩子最好的一種材質,純淨而無汙染,將木頭製成家家酒玩具,希望讓更多孩子能夠過木頭,感受到來自大自然最純淨的溫暖。
Most of plastic toys in the market are contain polyvinyl chloride. As study shows, if the children play with the toys which contain polyvinyl chloride for a long term, it might cause some different level of harm in liver or bones. As for the stuffed toys, it is a warm bed for germ, when children play with the stuffed toys, they by accidently breathe in the germs and some even cause the disease of respiratory system.
We believe that WOOD, cultivate by the sun, air, water and soil, is the best present and embrace from nature. Wood is also the best material for kids to feel the purest warm from nature.
Our products, handmade by beech wood, birch wood or high quality MDF, carefully polish, coat with non-toxic water based paint and keep the smell of wood. Each piece is tested by high stander test. We have following certificate ASTM and ST2002, toy certification of Japan, which means our products doesn’t contain arsenic and heavy metal.


Mother Garden家家酒角色扮演是幼兒通過想像,創造性地模仿現實生活的活動,它為幼兒提供了模仿、再現人與人關係的機會,為他們形成良好的社會交往能力打下基礎。
Our products can help kids use their imagination and creativity to react the activity as in reality life. It provides the opportunity for kids to imitate the social relationships, which is a good foundation for culturing good social ability.

  1. 加深親子互動與情感交流
    Promote the communication between parents and kids.
  2. 透過講話表達,刺激左腦語言中區
    Develop language ability.
  3. 培養說故事能力,體驗每一角色的感覺與想法
    Cultivate the ability of story-telling by experiencing the feeling and thought of different role.
  4. 激發想像力,刺激右腦發展
    Stimulate the ability of imagination.
  5. 透過扮演行為模式,具備更成熟的思想和言行
    Have mature thinking and behavior through role-playing
  6. 學會分享與互相合作的理念
    Learn the concept of sharing and cooperation.